For those individuals who want to stop smoking, there is a new invention on the market known as a electronic cigarette, which will enable these smokers to get rid of their smoking habits. The smokeless cigarette is a patented product that enables people to get the same experience as smoking a conventional cigarette, without having to deal with the legal or health issues that are associated with conventional cigarettes.


Although smokeless cigarettes taste, feel and look similar to conventional cigarettes, their functions are completely different. Smokeless cigarettes do not burn any form of tobacco. Instead, when you smoke this type of cigarette, you stimulate a flow sensor that will stimulate water vapor that is made up of a combination of a specific flavor, propylene glycol and nicotine, which together have a taste and smell similar to tobacco.


The result is that smokeless cigarettes enable smokers to get their fix of nicotine, without exposing them to harmful agents associated with conventional cigarettes such as hydrocarbons, additives, glue and tar.


One of the great features of the smokeless cigarettes is that they have cartridges that can be purchased in a wide variety of nicotine strengths and flavors. Therefore, you will be able to get cartridges that come in flavors like apple, regular menthol and strawberry, and nicotine strengths of none, light, medium and full. Although technically smokeless cigarettes are considered an alternative to smoking rather than a smoking cessation device, the variety of nicotine strengths canhelp some people quit smoking.


Not only is the E Cigarette healthier than conventional cigarettes, it is also completely legal. Since smokeless cigarettes do not contain any form of tobacco, legally you are allowed to smoke them in places where you cannot smoke conventional cigarettes, such as on aircraft, at your work place, in restaurants and at bars. Plus, you can smoke smokeless cigarettes without having to worry about causing harm to others as a result of second hand smoke.


Smokeless cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people report that smokeless cigarettes are an effective way to stop smoking. So, if you are tired of using ineffective products such as nicotine patches, and you are now ready to try a healthy way to stop smoking, then you need to give smokeless cigarettes a try.


These electronic cigarettes are affordable, and they will offer you the benefit of smoking something similar to a conventional cigarette, without having the same harmful effects.

Why not try A Electronic Cigarette for yourself?



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